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Ep. #53: “Atari Returneth!!! + Kyle is doing what with his car!?”

August 11, 2017

There was a lot of good stuff to cover this time. A lot of exciting things going on! Ok, so maybe we went a little crazy on the trailers this time... But we got a suprise bit at the end when somebody showed up who we didn't expect! Crazy news about Atari and the down and dirty on upcoming sequels. Miguel gets his gameface on as the Mexican Game Show Host. Rick tries to be more Mexicano than usual. Shawn waxes analytical after squealing like a pig. Rejoin us for more madness!


1. Leatherface
2. Disaster Artist (Seth Rogan)
3. Alpha
4. Only The Brave (Josh Brolin)
5. The Snowman (Michael Fastbender)
6. The Shape of Water
7. RoboDoc
8. A Wrinkle In Time (Oprah)
9. Jigsaw
10. Justice League (trailer 2)
11. Thor Ragnarok (trailer 2)
12. Stranger Things (Season 2)

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