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Ep. #94: “What the Sharknado”

In this episode we have the eccentric and extremely witty, Gary Morgenstein, who is the mad genius behind the promotion of the Sharknado movies. But he is also the writer of a new science fiction hit novel, A Mound Over Hell! Which is an awesome sci-fi novel that combines a dystopian, post-World War III America with 20th century baseball legends. Miguel and Rick had a great time talking with Gary about his new book - with plenty of Miguel fanboying over his involvement with the Sharknado franchise of course!

Special thanks to the Mikalyn Hay for letting us use her music for the intro (sampled from her song, Save Yourself) and guest interview intro (from her single, Carnival) and outro (from the single, Free As A Bird). You can find any of her music at SoundCloud or on iTunes


Ep. #93: “The Houston Rockets are going gamer pro?!”

In this episode we have a special interview with George Lindsey (the Morning Host of "100.3 The Bull” KILT-FM Houston) and his son, Zach Lindsay (an expert videogame analyst). They're the hosts of the fabulously cutting edge, League Leaders Podcast! They're covering one of the latest developments in sports - and gaming - today! If you're into sports, video games, like to be in on the newest scene, and/or just really love Houston, then this podcast is an absolute must-listen for you! Get ready to learn about Clutch Gaming: the newest frontier that The Rockets have decided to launch into. You'll love the dynamic, father-son duo in this powerhouse interview, and you'll learn about a burgeoning new front in the sports industry!

Special thanks to the Mikalyn Hay for letting us use her music for the intro (sampled from her song, Save Yourself) and guest interview intro (from her single, Carnival) and outro (from the single, Free As A Bird). You can find any of her music at Sound Cloud or on iTunes. Or find out tons more about her at her website here!


Ep. #92: “Getting Crude with Steve Orlando”

Ok, here's a freakin amazing interview for all of our fellow DC nerds out there! (The comics, not Direct Current. Sorry guys, but you have to put away the freakin batteries!) We had the amazing Comicbook Writer/Scripter Steve Orlando on the podcast with us! The man's work with DC is nothing short of prolific and intense. This dude is the real deal and also a friend of our own Mig 1.

We're always working on bringing you the best and most interesting guests for our interviews. People that do awesome things and are just plain fun to jack around with! Steve is definitely a proud new edition to our list of podcast guests. We hope you enjoy hearing from the man himself as much as we did!

Special thanks to the Servants of Science for the guest intro and outro music from their album, The Swan Song.


Ep. #91: “Gonna hit y’all in the feels”

In this episode we had the Yolanda D. Mozdzen, the very incredible Humanitarian Painter! So Miguel and Rick were repping CTP hanging out with Yolanda, and you can tell right off the bat that she immediately won their hearts. This is a heart warming episode! We are sure you'll fall in love with this awesome woman and her noble cause of painting beautiful, original artpieces to touch peoples hearts and help those who are less fortunate. If you know Rick and Miguel from listening to past episodes, you'll be amazed and see right away the big impact Yolanda had on them - but you'll definitely see why!

Check out Yolanda's work and keep up with her activity at:
@yolanda_mozdzen on Instagram
@YolandaMozden on Twitter

Special thanks to the Servants of Science for the guest intro music from their album, The Swan Song


Ep. #90: “Trailer Edition: Double Wide”

Ladies and gentleman, aliens and mutants - we have a super hilarious episode for you here! This awesome episode is featuring Kyle Hartshorn, our awesome friend and sponsor from Tokyo Munchies! This was the first episode with Shawn back on the podcast after being in Limbo up in Ohio. We all had a rip roaring time being idiots together and got back to our roots talking crap about trailers. But this time they were all amazing! We were so pumped about every last one of them and hope that you are too. 

We want to say we really can't wait to release more of our Comicpalooza episodes for y'all. Currently Shawn (our editor) is busy at work getting all the sound right and creating a whole mini-series based on our continously running show on the floor of the Comic Con so stay tuned! We will be tagging everyone we possibly can on social media.

Guest intro/outro music by Servants of Science - you can check them out on SoundCloud and iTunes

Huge shoutout to Uncanny Comics and Tank's Paintball, our friends and primary sponsors! You guys rock!


Enter The Comicpalooza - Part I: Keeping It PG-13

Brought to you by Tanks Paintball and Uncanny Comics, here is the beginning of our adventure at the Houston Comicpalooza of May 2018! We had blast meeting old friends, making new friends, taking pictures with cosplayers, and just generally being jackasses! This first part is taken directly from our time at the podcasting booth where we were the opening act at Comicpalooza. We had some really fun interaction and were visited by our buddy and CTP official photographer, Ish from Barrimedia! Together we discussed Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. And believe it or not, NASA showed up and laid down some sweet science on our jacked up minds. We had a wonderful time with a few awesome cosplayers who joined us and were really great sports and played along with our hijinx. We hope you greatly enjoy getting an earful of the fun we were having at Comicpalooza. 


Ep. #89.2: “Talkin H-Town, Boi!”

The much awaited PART 2 of our podcast featuring Henny Boi, Yxng Juju (including his song- Back Then), TyThaMunk (featuring his song- Fo Dah Lo), and J Stylez (playing his track - Menace) - all from Monk Vision Entertainment. We learned more about the guys and talked favorite foods, interests, videogames, and women! Once again, we had a hilariously good time! Enjoy this awesome wrap-up to a great show, and be sure and support these talented, fresh rappers from our own H-Town!

Check like and follow them on twitter @MonkVisionEnt and on FacebookSoundCloud, and YouTube


Ep. #89: “Getting Skooled by Tha Monk”

In this episode we had a freaking amazing time with some of the guys from Monk Vision Entertainment! Really talented artists with a great sense of humor - and they're our very own local H-Town boyz!!!

Shawn the Irishman returned from Ohio in time to make it for the gut busting insanity! We gave out some nicknames based on our Skype experience... Henny Boi was dubbed "Jimi Hendrix", Ty was "Chris Brown"... And so on. They were great sports about all our ballbusting and gave it back pretty damn good too!

This podcast will be featuring some tasty samples of songs from Yxng Juju (song- Juggin), Ty Tha Munk (song- Wake Up), and J Stylez (song- Scary Sight). So get ready for a shot of fresh Houston City Rap!

Be sure to check out Monk Vision Entertainment on twitter @MonkVisionEnt, Facebook, SoundCloud, and iTunes! Be sure to support these awesome artists. 


Ep. #88: “How’d we become Rick and Morty?”

This episode was a Rick and Josh duo production! And they were joined over Skype by the infamous smart@$$ comedian, Shoenice! This guy has done a lot of crazy things, including getting blocked by celebrities, kicked off YouTube for being too charming, gaining huge numbers of views for ridiculous stunts he performed, and more! This is a short and sweet show, but there were some really hilarious moments and a lot of interesting stuff for anyone interested in becoming a internetainer. Have fun!


Guest intro music credit: Servants of Science

Check out Shoenice's latest work here on Twitch


Ep. #87: “Miga: A Critical Wars Movie”

The stupidity continues for your listening pleasure. Miguel, Rick and Josh hold down the fort with a classic format show. Get ready for some box office numbers, trailers, and movie news! If you survive this experience, give us a comment on our social medias (fb, Instagram or twitter) and let us know it!