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Ep. #64: “Can Thor Ragnarok his way past Emma Watson? Stranger Things have happened…”

Soooooo ladies and germs, do we ever have an eppersode for you today! We give our reviews on Thor Ragnarok and Stranger Things 2. This time we even got Kyle on for the majority of the podcast! The news, reviews, box office numbers and everything in between is full of witty banter and dumbass jokes laced with critical analysis. This week we skipped trailers for two reasons: 1. They weren't worth sh*t.  2. We had better crap to talk about! So here you go, enjoy the madness. 

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Ep. #63: “Gerard Butler VS Godzilla”

We had a lot of fun this time! Really cool trailers to watch... AND our fearless leader joins for a quick box-office segment! But then he had to go save the day for a client with messed up brakes... But it was good to have him back! Miguel had a Call of Duty: WWII on PS4 review for us. Rick reviewed two videogames for PS4- Nioh and also South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Next week we will be giving spoiler reviews of Thor: Ragnarok and Stranger Things 2.


1. Den of Thieves
2. Winchester
3. Samson
4. Mudbound (Netflix Original)
5. Singularity (Starring John Cusack
6. Godless (Netflix Original)
7. The Long Road Home
8. A Prayer Before Dawn

As always, you can go to to watch the same playlist of trailers we did this week.


Ep. #62: “I Love You Daddy: The Awkward But Sadly True Story of this Show”

On this show we've got our glorious sponsor, Joseph Cano from Uncanny Comics! The tit-for-tat gets hilarious in the room. A lot of great laughs in this one!


1. 24 Hours to Live
2. The New Mutants (20th Century FOX Movie)
3. Snake Outta Compton
4. The Ballad of Lefty Brown
5. 12 Strong
6. Hangman
7. Jim and Andy (Netflix documentary)
8. I Love You Daddy

Click to to watch the same trailers we did for the show!


Ep. #61: “The Shadow of War hath fallen upon us… and we still cant be serious!”

We're back in black! Not really... But that always sounds good! We got goodies from Tokyo Munchies! We told stupid jokes... And we had a great time. Oh! We also finally got to have Kyle with us at the end of the podcast! Stay tuned after the trailers for Kyle's review on Middle Earth: Shadow of War for the PS4!

Trailers for this last week:

1. Black Panther Trailer 2 (starring Michael B. Jordan)
2. Blockers (starring John Cena)
3. Wheelman (Netflix Original starring Frank Grillo)
4. Happy (New comicbook based SYFY TV series starring Christopher Meloni)
5. Future Men (New Hulu TV series Starring Josh Hutcherson)
6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

As always, see our trailer playlist at


Ep. #60: “Ahhh! Pumpkin Teeth!!! + Blade Runner is Languishing”

Got a special episode for you this time, folks. We got the inventor of Pumpkin Teeth, Bob Conner, to come on for the whole show! We had a lot of fun with him and got y'all an awesome deal! Go to Pumpking Teeth's Etsy Shop or and start your order and then input this special promo code: " CTP "  That will get you a buy one get one free deal no matter how small the order. And if you order an especially large amount, Bob might even throw in something special for you! Full disclosure, we're not getting paid for promoting Pumpkin Teeth (yet... lol). But we really like Bob and think these products are awesome! So get yours before Halloween! Add some extra scary to your Jack-O-Laterns!

This week's trailers:

1. Replicas (starring Keanu Reeves)
2. Mayhem (starring Steven Yeun
3. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Amazon Original Series starring John Krasinski)
4. Roman J. Israel, Esq. (starring Denzel Washington)
5. Pacific Rim: Uprising (starring Scott Eastwood, John Boyega, and Tian Jing)
6. Justice League (final trailer)

As always, you can check them all out in one playlist at


Ep #59: “Kyle, where art thou? Hopefully not out dressed as She-Venom”

Hey errbahday! We back with some good trailers this time. No more sh*tting on crappy movies this time! Although we did find that very cathartic in the last episode...

Also:  Awesome news about the Terminator trilogy that we're all majorly excited about here! AND Eddie Murphy is going to be reprising his role in the sequel to a hillarious, much beloved classic!

Trailers this week:

1. Maze Runner 3
2. Knight Fall
3. Crash Pad
4. Better Watch Out
5. Red Sparrow
6. Swing Away
7. Animal Crackers
8. Annihilation
9. Gotti
10. Act of Vengeance
11. Predator: 30th Anniversary
12. Amityville: The Awakening
13. The Exorcist: Evil Never Dies
14. Hostiles

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As always, you can check out our list of trailers at


Ep #58: “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the crapper!”

We got cathartic with this show and really cut loose on the crap being made that we hate! Not a lot of news, but plenty of tearing into lame duck movie trailers that made us want to puke our brains. Shawn was sick over the week and got well enough to do the show just in the nick of time! Kyle was gone on a conference for work, so we made fun of him as much as we could. Rick decided to bring us the most BS-ey of BS trailers so we could be traumatized together. Trash talking therapy followed quickly.

This episode's trailers:

1. The Punisher (Netflix TV series)
2. Tomb Raider (reboot)
3. The Sandman
4. Isle of Dogs
5. Peter Rabbit
6. Duck Duck Goose
7. Deep
8. Monster Island
9. The Little Vampire
10. Cook Off
11. 1922 (Netflix Original)
12. Anna and the Apocalypse
13. Bleeding Steel
14. Jeepers Creepers 3

As always, check out to see our playlist of the trailers we watched for this show.


Ep #57: “Weeeeeee’re back! Hooah! Never zig when you should zag”

Hey hey, er bodayyyy! We back for mo madness after being stuck stir crazy with no podcasty for a month! We're all so glad to be back in the saddle again. The Critical Four are reunited by the power of witty sarcasm, dumb jokes, and Little Caesers' pizza! Hear about our experiences of Harvey's soggy, unwelcome visit to Houston. No box office this time. I'd like to give a good explanation, but there's only a stupid one: we forgot! Sorry, we're out of practice. Next time, there will be a box office... We promise.

This weeks's trailers are:

1. The Current War
2. Resurface
3. Escape Room
4. Killing Gunther
5. Downsizing
6. All The Money In The World

You can see them all on our YouTube playlist at:



Ep #56: “Harvey done lost our minds for us… But now we can float better!”

So we got REEEEEALLY late on this one... Apologies for the lateness from the chief producer's desk (Shawn). We got dumped on by Harvey (so very rude) and had a lot of other unforseen misadventures. But we're back atcha with another regular episode of the same good stuff! El Kyle was too tuckered out from work so we let him rest this time. So us other blokes made up for his absense with ridiculous amounts of madness. This episode starts out with us pinballing all over each other with witty banter, twisted rebuttals, and the half-awake nonsense of minds melted into comedic insanity! 

This weeks trailers were:

1. White Famous
2. Vanhelsing (Season 2)
3. Keep Watching (starring Bella Thorne)
4. The Adventurers
5. Temple 
6. Jackyls
7. Battleship Island
8. Revolt
9. Mother (starring Jennifer Lawrence)
10. Rememory (starring Peter Dinklage)

You can check this week's trailers out on a single playlist at


Fifty-Five Weeks of Dumb@$$ Jokes!

Hey everyone! We've had a lot going on and got a little bit behind on our editing. Sorry about that! Still working on two of our latest episodes, but until those are done, here was something special I had cooked up: a compilation episode of all our ridiculous moments that we captured for our intro jokes! It's pretty fun walk through memory lane if you've listened to the podcast, and also good for a laugh at any time. If you're not familiar with our stuff, this is a great starting point to see how off the chain we can be! So have fun listening, we hope you enjoy it. And we will be producing more regular episodes soon!