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Ep. #77: “Throwback to the Three”

This time we did things reminscent of the beginning of the podcast. Because Miguel was unable to make it (and neither could Josh) Rick and I were going to have to go it alone for an interview... But the internet died!!! So Kyle jumped in with us and we did a spontaneous episode getting reaquainted together. We also reviewed Assassin's Creed: Origins and Bloodborne. And in the midst of all the rest of our BSing we also got onto the subject of our childhood crushes. We each gave our "90s MILF of the Week". No trailers this time- but tune in for some great fun! We know that you will have a blast with the return of the All-Original Kyleness!


Ep. #76: “Bingo-Bongo! Canadians Have Landed!”

This was an absolute treat! We had the hillarious duo from Canada, the Podcouple - Shawn's good instagram buddies - join us for a rip-roaring time of hillarity! You'll be able to tell from the very beginning that these two are awesome and whole bunch of fun! We wen't over a lot of trailers together and then picked their brains a bit about their life and podcasting. So get ready for these crazy Canuchs! They're quick on the draw and always ready to blast away with wit and hysterical commentary!


1. Mission Impossible: Fall Out
2. Marvel Avengers: Infinity War
3. Skyscraper (Starring Dwayne Johnson)
4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
5. The Titan
6. Deadpool 2
7. Venom
8. Spinning Man



Ep. #75: “About Anacondas + Arses! feat. Barrimedia & AfroQween Cosplay”

This week we had guests in the stujiio! And it was such a great time! We had a bunch of fun and laughed our butts off together. We also got to know each of them a little better. And let me tell you: they were brilliant and a total laugh-riot! Check out AfroQween cosplay and Barrimedia on Facebook Twitter and Instagram! They have really great pictures and cosplays to share and are really great people and friends of the Critical Crew!


1. Antman and The Wasp
2. Unsane
3. Heriditary
4. Dear Dictator
5. Dundee
6. 7 Guardians of the Tomb

As always, you can check out the latest trailers at


Ep. #74.2: “Gettin’ waaaaay out there with Servants of Science”

Here it is peeps: the interview with Stuart Avis! The man; the Briton; the Pink Floyd fanatic! We had a fantastic time with Stuart talking about his band, Servants of Science! He was a really hilarious dude and we had a load of laughs throughout the entire interview. You'll also get treated to a few of the band's songs for an experience of some authentic British Prog-rock! Hope everyone enjoys this awesome interview as much as we did.

Thanks so much to Stuart and the rest of the Servants of Science for linking up with us!


Ep. #74.1: “Science!!! and our fake British accents!”

We have an exciting two-parter for you this week! We had a really fun time doing our zany show as usual. Then we cranked it up another notch with an insanely good time interviewing Stuart Avis from the British Proggy band, Servants of Science! We're releasing both at the same time, so after you get through listening to our antics, click or tap or fondoogle on over to Episode 74.2 to hear how our SOS interview went! Did the Brit 1-up us? Find out!


1. The Hurricane Heist
2. Looking Glass (Starring Nicholas Cage)
3. Woody Woodpecker
4. The Cured
5. I Kill Giants
6. Braven

As always, you can see the latest trailers at



Ep. #73: “The Advent of a New Era: Harry Potter’s Running Drugs!”

We have an awesome episode for you this time! We interviewed the creator and director of Advent Comics, Tony Kittrell! We got into the box office for this last week, some exciting new movie trailers, and then we delved into Tony's world as a comicbook creator. All with the usual idiocy, smack talk and funny stories! Listen through the whole show to hear the part where Tony explains how you can get a FREE preview comic from Advent. The comicbook universe they've created is one of the most exciting we've seen yet! Tony is a really cool guy and we loved having him on the show and laughing together. We're sure you'll all enjoy getting to know Tony as much as we did!


1. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay
2. Don't Worry He Wont Get Far On Foot (Amazon Prime Movie)
3. Teen Titans Go: The Movie
4. Beast of Burden (Starring Nicholas Daniel Radcliffe)
5. Super Troopers 2

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Ep. #72: “Livin like Larry!”

We got a special episode for y'all to sink your ear into this time! Like a giant, silk covered marshmallow, settle in for a show full of soothing talk and smooth, witty conversation. We're all about that classy stuff this time...

NOT!!! We're the same as ever only we've got exciting news: we've got a new member on the podcast who has joined us to help with production. You get to meet Josh for the first time ever in this podcast.

But that's not all! We also had with us the Illustrious Comic, the Magnanimous Jokester, the Scarlet Lobster of Comedy, the Man with the Best Drinks: Larry Courtney from the Drinks With Larry podcast! He joined us to further egg on our crazy antics, adding gasoline to the fire! 

Larry is a great guy, and he and his co hosts are hilarious and always interesting! Be sure to check out his podcast at or on iTunes here.  


This weeks's trailers:

1. Scorched Earth
2. Slender Man
3. The Open House (Netflix Original)
4. Mom and Dad (Starring Nicholas Cage)
5. Overboard

As always, you can check out our playlist for the latest trailers at


Ep. #71: “Insidiously Bad Trailers Together With Kevin”

Well ladies and germs, we got a real life comedian on the show with us! *Gasp* We had a good time BSing with Kevin from Sportsbook/Boxoffice Podcast. There was a lot of suprising turn-arounds where we had the tables turned on us. But what else would you expect from the Creator of Comics Interviewing Comics? You can check out his show and podcast at

1. Truth or Dare
2. The Strangers 2
3. Game Over Man (Netflix Original)
4. Kickboxer: Retaliation

As always, you can check out the trailers at


Ep. #70: “New Year, Light Beer, Jumanji and Bright”

Weeeeee're back! And we're powering up for an awesome year! Check it out- we got some new theme music for movie reviews and a new intro segment we're going to start doing now and then. We got the tunes from our friends, Servants of Science, from off their new album: Swan Song. It's a proggy alt-rock epic telling the story of an astronaut who witnesses the end of the world whilst floating in space... However, there's more to it than first meets the ear! You can check them out at their website or on YouTube, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

As you can probably tell by the title, we reviewed Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle and Will Smith's Bright (Netflix Original) to give y'all our take on them. Hope you enjoy the madness; it's only just begun!


1. The Polka King (Netflix Orginal, Starring Jack Black)
2. Every Day
3. 15:17 to Paris
4. Mortal Engines
5. Ocean's Eight (starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchet, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna)
6. Sicaro 2 (Starring Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro)
7. The Nut Cracker and the Four Realms (a Disney film)

As always, you can see the full playlist of trailers at


Ep. #69: “Star Wars: The Last Taco” (CAUTION: Spoilers!)

Finally, our long awaited review of the newest Star Wars movie! After a failed previous recording, we had to do a retake on the review for this episode. Good news is that we got more solidified on the views we hold so you get the straight 100 proof! Kyle is with us in spirit though he couldn't make it for the recording. After discussing the movie with him, we were able to get a feel for his critiques and general thoughts on the movie. One of us could barely stand the movie... One of us fan-boyed a little... And the other had more of a mixture of critiques and priases. If you haven't guessed who is who already, you're about to find out!

Although we do cover the box office numbers, the remaining entirety of this episode is dedicated to the Star Wars review. So no trailers this time around.