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Ep. #45: “Girl Talk & Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery!? Whaaa…”

May 25, 2017

So we got back from Comicpalooza! We had lots of fun. But now we're back at the same table to have a good time being morons for you. We feel the need to warn you: this may just be the gayest episode you've ever heard... Yes, in part this is due to the TV and movie trailers we were forced to watch so that you could be warned of them ahead of time and spared some suffering:

  1. Tour De Pharmacy
  2. Alex Inc
  3. Black Lightning
  4. Glow (Netflix)
  5. Sheldon
  6. Six Days (Netflix)
  7. Orville

But the other part was definitely Kyle and Miguel... We aren't sure what came over them. But the good new is that we think they got it out of their system and they'll both be ok! Shawn got a stalker at the comicon according to the merry douches three... But Rick hasn't been getting it lately according to Mary Kate and Ashley over there. Kyle was too good for the rest of us to be seen at the Comicon in our company (we think he may have been crossdressing in a cosplay disguise to enjoy the con without us). Miguel found out he's an evil minion and decided to give up on mowing grass to pursue this higher calling.

Hope y'all enjoy the madness!



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