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Ep. #38: “Rick is back, baby! And he bringeth a Lootcrate!”

April 1, 2017

"The Rizzo" is among us yet again, my friends! Fresh from San Antonio, he won the best weekend contest this time. This one gets pretty out of hand. I think Kyle and Miguel are getting into the sauce a bit too much... So tell me: where else can you hear Captain Underpants and Winston Churchill discussed back to back!? Only during the Critical Four's trailer talk! We also cover Three Billboards, Death Note, Black Butterfly, and the latest Justice League trailer. Some interesting new tidbits as well. For instance, Brad Pitt almost went for a Marvel role...? Suprising. Listen in on this off-the-chain episode as we all bounce and collide like overgrown kids on crack in the world's biggest bounce house!