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Ep #57: “Weeeeeee’re back! Hooah! Never zig when you should zag”

Hey hey, er bodayyyy! We back for mo madness after being stuck stir crazy with no podcasty for a month! We're all so glad to be back in the saddle again. The Critical Four are reunited by the power of witty sarcasm, dumb jokes, and Little Caesers' pizza! Hear about our experiences of Harvey's soggy, unwelcome visit to Houston. No box office this time. I'd like to give a good explanation, but there's only a stupid one: we forgot! Sorry, we're out of practice. Next time, there will be a box office... We promise.

This weeks's trailers are:

1. The Current War
2. Resurface
3. Escape Room
4. Killing Gunther
5. Downsizing
6. All The Money In The World

You can see them all on our YouTube playlist at:



Ep #56: “Harvey done lost our minds for us… But now we can float better!”

So we got REEEEEALLY late on this one... Apologies for the lateness from the chief producer's desk (Shawn). We got dumped on by Harvey (so very rude) and had a lot of other unforseen misadventures. But we're back atcha with another regular episode of the same good stuff! El Kyle was too tuckered out from work so we let him rest this time. So us other blokes made up for his absense with ridiculous amounts of madness. This episode starts out with us pinballing all over each other with witty banter, twisted rebuttals, and the half-awake nonsense of minds melted into comedic insanity! 

This weeks trailers were:

1. White Famous
2. Vanhelsing (Season 2)
3. Keep Watching (starring Bella Thorne)
4. The Adventurers
5. Temple 
6. Jackyls
7. Battleship Island
8. Revolt
9. Mother (starring Jennifer Lawrence)
10. Rememory (starring Peter Dinklage)

You can check this week's trailers out on a single playlist at


Fifty-Five Weeks of Dumb@$$ Jokes!

Hey everyone! We've had a lot going on and got a little bit behind on our editing. Sorry about that! Still working on two of our latest episodes, but until those are done, here was something special I had cooked up: a compilation episode of all our ridiculous moments that we captured for our intro jokes! It's pretty fun walk through memory lane if you've listened to the podcast, and also good for a laugh at any time. If you're not familiar with our stuff, this is a great starting point to see how off the chain we can be! So have fun listening, we hope you enjoy it. And we will be producing more regular episodes soon!


Ep. #54:”Captain, my captain! What the Star Trek is going on here?!”

We got good and Morgan'd this time. Rick and Miguel are such lightweights for the record. We had a grand old time discussing the upcoming new Star Trek TV series, and a lot of other crazy stuff. Also, rumor has it that next episode, Kyle will in fact, be with us again. You heard it here. The aliens have landed.

This week's trailers:

1. Ready Player One
2. Bright (trailer 2)
3. Triple Threat
4. Star Trek Discovery (trailer 2)
5. Proud Mary
6. Rebel in the Rye
7. Tales From the Crypt
8. The Vault (starring James Franco)
9. My Friend, Dahmer
10. The Star
11. Comrade Detective
12. Surbicon Official
13. Message From the King
14. LBJ

Check them out at


Ep. #53: “Atari Returneth!!! + Kyle is doing what with his car!?”

There was a lot of good stuff to cover this time. A lot of exciting things going on! Ok, so maybe we went a little crazy on the trailers this time... But we got a suprise bit at the end when somebody showed up who we didn't expect! Crazy news about Atari and the down and dirty on upcoming sequels. Miguel gets his gameface on as the Mexican Game Show Host. Rick tries to be more Mexicano than usual. Shawn waxes analytical after squealing like a pig. Rejoin us for more madness!


1. Leatherface
2. Disaster Artist (Seth Rogan)
3. Alpha
4. Only The Brave (Josh Brolin)
5. The Snowman (Michael Fastbender)
6. The Shape of Water
7. RoboDoc
8. A Wrinkle In Time (Oprah)
9. Jigsaw
10. Justice League (trailer 2)
11. Thor Ragnarok (trailer 2)
12. Stranger Things (Season 2)

As always, you can check them out in our playlist at


Ep. #55: “Dark Tower & Dunkirk reviews! Kyle is in dah houuuuse!”

SOOOO... This week, Kyle rejoins us on the show!!! And he talks about the secrets of his many voices and some of the struggles he faces at work and in life from people who just don't get it. The Captain also rejoins us for more rum-fueled hijinks. Miguel vies for the mic with Kyle's long rested characters all coming out like hell had a prison break! Shawn is awestruck and silent, basking in the glory. Rick struggles to keep the boat afloat with all the crazy jumping around under Morgan's influence and the gyrating forces of Kyle's enthusiasm. The Critical Four are fully engaged this episode!

This week's trailers are:

1. First They Killed My Father (Netflix Original, Directed by Angelina Jolie)
2. Mindhunter (Netflix Original)
3. The Veil
4. Sharknado 5
5. Voldermort: Origins of the Heir (a fan film by TryangleFilms)
6. Death Wish (starring Bruce Willis)
7. 9/11 (starring Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg, and Gina Gershon)

(You can check out the trailers playlist at

Movie Reviews Including
- Dark Tower
- Dunkirk
as well as a bit about the last 3 episodes of Game of Thrones.



Ep. #52: “Who de fuq do you tink we are? + War for the Planet of the Apes Review and MORE!”

El Kyle is busy with cars so we all have to fill in for him (i.e. make fun of him). No Virus Vodka to drink this time unfortunately, but we will be doing a giveaway with a bunch of their badass gear soon! So stay tuned! Also, this is the last day for you to get entered in for the Tokyo Munchies giveaway. So if you're listening to this episode on the day it is released, enter the sweepstakes here. If you didn't make it, don't feel bad, we will be doing another one again soon.

This week we have a bunch of short review to throw at you- Spiderman Homecoming, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Transformers: The Last Knight, and of course The War for the Planet of the Apes! And for our trailers, we are reviewing:

1. Armored Response (Starring Wesley Snipes)
2. Borg/McEnroe (2017)
3. What Happened to Monday (Starring Noomi Rapace, Willem Dafoe, Glenn Close)
4. The Osiris Child
5. Fun Mom Dinner
6. Dave Made A Maze
7. Godzilla (Anime, a Netflix Originial)
8. The Layover (starring Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton)

You can check them out yourself as always, at


Ep. #51: “America! F*** YEAAAAAH!!! (Drink Away to Freedom Edition)”

We're back after our 4th of July break! This time we got ourselves some Virus Vodka to celebrate getting back to podcasting in our great Nation of Murica! Missed you guys *sniff*. We're glad to be back to doing what we're best at: being dumbasses for your entertainment! The image was brought to you by a post - and I'm not kidding you (link right here if you don't believe me) - a Petition to Donald Trump: Change the American National anthem into "America fuck yeah". Wow. Just wow. We're on board! 

This week's trailers:

1. Pitch Perfect 3
2. The Foreigner (feat. Jackie Chan)
3 To the Bone (feat. Keanu Reeves)
4. American Satan
5. Watching Oliver
6. Jumanji 2 (feat. The Rock, Jack Black, Kevin Hart)
7. Bad Moms Christmas
8. The Greatest Showman (feat. Hugh Jackman)
9. The Inhumans (TV show on ABC)

You can check them out yourself at


Ep. #50: “Our Fiftieth Podcast: The True Story of a Redundant Show Title”

In celebration of this milestone, we get warmed up with 2 rounds of cards against humanity! Kyle was so out of it, we literally had to wake his ass up to record! Miguel was trying to start shit with everybody, so we kicked him under the table until he submitted. Rick threw us some info about whos directing the Han Solo movie. He also brought some news on the upcoming Venom Movie, Saw 8's new title, and confirmation about Wonder Woman 2. Really cool stuff! Shawn brought the analytical with a side of not-enough-beer. Oh, and we got a Lootcrate!!

This Episode's Trailers:

1. Stronger
2. Marshall
3. Thank You For Your Service
4. Daddy's Home 2
5. Jungle (2017; with Daniel Radcliffe. There was no trailer on youtube anymore)
6. The Only Living Boy In the World
7. Happy Death Day
8. The Beguiled (2017)

As usual, you can check them out at Special thanks to our sponsors: Uncanny Comics, Tokyo Munchies, and Black Forest Comics and all of our partners for helping us get to where we are today and riding with us! We appreciate y'all riding with us and hope to continue our quest for world domination with your support.


Ep. #49: “E3 Trailers & Literally Short Film Festival + We Got Tokyo Munchies!”

Late evening recording! You can tell because we all sound drunk. Kyle says Tom Cruise killed The Mummy. And that's a critique, not a spoiler haha! This episode we talk mostly about gaming! Since E3 happened, we have so many games to cover.

Video Game trailers:

Assassins Creed Origins
Wolfenstein 2
Battlefield 1: in the name of the Czar
Need For Speed Payback
Starwars Battlefront 2
The Way Out
Skull and Bones

Shout Outs to Loris Simon (our wonderful hostess at the Literally Short Films Festival); she co-hosts the Literally Everything podcast. You can follow her group on twitter and instagram @LiterallyShortF, or find them here on facebook.  

Special thanks to Chris from PopFancy for the awesome interview and pop sicles! Check them out at

And of course a huge thanks to our sponsor, Kyle at Tokyo Munchies for the support an delicious goodies! Check out their website and give them a follow on twitter @tokyo_munchies and @tokyomunchies on facebook!