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Ep. #47: Wonder Woman Reviews! Served up light on the spoilers…”

So the majority of us saw Wonder Woman! Except Shawn. Apparently he was too busy with Spanky and Alfalfa in their He-Man Woman Haters Club. Rick was so excited that he forgot everything else that transpired in his life aside from Gal Gadot's sweet...err watching Wonder Woman. Miguel's weekend was filled with turmoil that ended in being asked to leave the theater for inappropriately touching himself and moaning. Kyle ditched us to go "workout"...Pfshhh. Probably just didn't want to share his tacos with us.

This time we had a ton of exciting movie and video game news! And a Lootcrate to top it all off. We also had two suprise guests to join us for the Wonder Woman movie review, including Tiffany from Strength N Tranquility Podcast (who also happens to be Kyle's wife). So much going on this time, that we had to split this up into a regular length episode and a minisode (with the videogame reviews and Lootcrate) to go with it.

This week we checked out trailers for:

1. Ripped
2. Victoria And Abdul
3. Logan Lucky
4. The Mountain Between Us
5. Batman & Harley Quinn
6. Castlevania (The Animated Series)
7. The Son of Bigfoot
8. Murder on the Orient Express
9. Hickok

As always, you can click here to go to our website where we have the playlist of all the trailers we watched. Hope y'all enjoy it! Please let us know what you think :)


Ep. #46: “Comicpalooza Summer Shorts” (feat. Trevor from GTA and more)

So this episode is coming out a little late due to production difficulties... But here is the final round of interview that we conducted at this year's Comicpalooza! This is a bit of a short episode, yet we have a couple really awesome people on here with us including: 

Ming Chen (co-host of I Sell Comics and a star in Comic Book Men)
Christina McDaniel (gorgeous model and cosplayer)
Some Fairies
Steven Ogg (voice of Trevor From GTA 5 and plays as Simon from The Walking Dead TV series)
Chris (the passionate founder of DaVinci Maker labs) 

Good times ahead as the troublesome trio stumble around over each other and into awesome interviews like they're Mr. Magoo on steroids!


Also check out some of our awesome interviewees from their social links below:

Ming Chen : @mingchen37 (Instagram & Twitter)
Christina McDaniel : @christinamcdanialofficial (Instagram) + @CMcDOfficial (Twitter) + Patreon
Steven Ogg : @ogg_steven (Instagram) + @StevenOgg (Twitter)
Chris :


Ep. #45: “Girl Talk & Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery!? Whaaa…”

So we got back from Comicpalooza! We had lots of fun. But now we're back at the same table to have a good time being morons for you. We feel the need to warn you: this may just be the gayest episode you've ever heard... Yes, in part this is due to the TV and movie trailers we were forced to watch so that you could be warned of them ahead of time and spared some suffering:

  1. Tour De Pharmacy
  2. Alex Inc
  3. Black Lightning
  4. Glow (Netflix)
  5. Sheldon
  6. Six Days (Netflix)
  7. Orville

But the other part was definitely Kyle and Miguel... We aren't sure what came over them. But the good new is that we think they got it out of their system and they'll both be ok! Shawn got a stalker at the comicon according to the merry douches three... But Rick hasn't been getting it lately according to Mary Kate and Ashley over there. Kyle was too good for the rest of us to be seen at the Comicon in our company (we think he may have been crossdressing in a cosplay disguise to enjoy the con without us). Miguel found out he's an evil minion and decided to give up on mowing grass to pursue this higher calling.

Hope y'all enjoy the madness!



Lootcrate section music credit: 

Artist: Typical
Song: Heroes
Social links:


Ep. #44: “Comicpalooza Live Show & Interviewing Flash Gordon!”

Finally, our live show at Comicpalooza is produced! In this exciting episode you get to hear us running a crazy impromptu giveaway game with Miguel as the "Crazy Mexican Gameshow Host"! Shawn get's flak for choosing to cosplay as a pirate, but is vindicated by a lovely young lady saying he's the cutest of the four (nyehhhh-nyehhhh!). Miguel gets his first experiences with Red Bull and goes cuhhhhh-razy! Rick tries to keep a leash on the ensuing madness. Kyle is struck speechless by all the shenanigans.  

Also, join us as we interview  Sam Jones (THE Flash Gordan), Lawrence Gillard Jr. (Bob Stookey from The Walking Dead), and Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese Williams from The Walking Dead). We talk together about what they have going on next, what roles they enjoyed and whom they enjoyed working with.

We put all of our "thank yous" at the end of the episode, but we want to thank Virus Vodka again for the giveaway prizes; Rellik the Clown and his friends; the HCPD for keeping everyone safe; the administration of Comicpalooza that gave us the awesome opportunity to be press at their event; and all the cool people that participated in our live show! 


Music Credits: Sentient Pulse's song, Surround, was used at the "thank yous" section at the end. You can check them out at and and see their video here.


Ep. #43: “We Saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!”

You got it in the title! We're giving our reviews of the movie. Spoiler alert: We are going to give away some of the stuff that happens in the movie. So if you haven't seen it yet and don't want spoilers, skip the last part where we talk about it. Also, there is a lot of talk about the samurai inspired by our new sponsor and Iron Fist apparently... A ton of hillarious running gags in this episode. It's a laugh riot the whole way!

The trailers in this episode are:

  1. Dark Tower
  2. The Defenders (Netflix series)
  3. The Big Sick
  4. Absolutely Everything
  5. Shot Caller
  6. The Recall
  7. Black Water
  8. Score: A Film Music Documentary

Ep. #42: “Fate of the Furious Dominates + Kyle Suffers from Banjo Inadequacy”

Miguel is back among us! To everyone's joy - especially Kyle's (He missed slapping Miguel around when they both get excited). Kyle took Rick's place with his tired, boring week, and Rick was happy to reliquish the title. Shawn made good money over the week. So the two and a half Mexicans plot to rob the gringo blind after the podcast. There's a new banjo in town so Kyle threatens to hang up his banjo to go hunting Bigfoot in the Apalachians. 

This week's trailers are:

1. Alien Covenant Prologue Trailer
2. Kingsman 2
3. Once Upon A Time In Venice
4. Tulip Fever
5. Jamestown

As always, you can catch up on them yourself by going to

Some awesome movie and videogames news and conversation this time too! So stay tuned.


Ep. #41: “The Last Jedi, eh? Wait… Where’s Miguel?”

Ok, so we got behind a few days in production... But that just means you got two episodes this week! The Blade Runner Retro, and now our 41st Episode!  Kyle has a new job overseeing the proper scrubbing of spacewhales as a Spacewhale Shop Foreman. Rick had a restful week despite unspeakable rituals going on next door, and Shawn got amnesia for Easter. Oh! And Miguel mysteriously didn't show up... Purportedly to take his wife to a clinic because she was ill. But who knows... Get our perspective on the latest relevant trailers (because if we're not interested, then it's not worth mentioning!) In this episode we cover:

1. The Last Jedi
2. Overdrive 
3. Hitman's Bodyguard
4. Wakefield
5. The Little Hours

You can see them for yourself at

(Credits: we include a metal riff by Artist: AKnewGod from their song, Indifferent.

Their social links are:

And you can find their full song on YouTube at )




C.T.P.’s Retro-Rewind: “Blade Runner”

To make up for last's week missed episode, we've decided to crack open a new Retro Rewind! For all of you that remember Blade Runner, take a stroll down memory lane with us and see what we think looking at it now by today's standards. If you've never seen it before or don't remember it very well, get ready to become acquainted with this classic movie. Directed by the legendary Ridley Scot and starring Harrison Ford, for all the impact it's had on movies, books, videogames, and everything else in the nerdiverse, this movie has had a legendary effect. But does it live up to the mythology? Is it worthy of the legend? We answer that question in this Retro Rewind episode! So buckle up for a ride into a facinating future.


Ep. #40 “Thor be getting all gangsta with Tupac Hammering on My Little Ponies…”

Ladies and Gents, El Kyle ha vuelto! (That means he's back)  And he's as crazy with all the voices in his head as ever! Apparently Shawn, Miguel, and Rick were all abducted by aliens last weekend...  This episode we cover 5 trailers:

1. Paris Can Wait

2. Paradox (2017, starring Tony Jaa)

3. All Eyes On Me (a movie about the life of Tupac)

4. Thor 3: Ragnarok (the one with Led Zepplin in it!)

5. My Little Pony (yes, they are making a movie)

You can see all of them yourself at if you wanna check out what we're BSing about.

Rick also has some other movie news for y'all, keeping us all up on the buzz as always. Hope y'all enjoy! Please share with others and let us know what you think.



Ep. #39 “It’s the year of the apes!” + Lots of Marvel & DC news

Kyle is off busting his butt! So we bust on him while he's gone... This week, Rick was schmoozing and making moves like Jagger. Shawn gets irate about a pop icon trying to hog the spotlight... Looks like Miguel's getting his wish this year with so may ape centered movies coming out. First trailer we hit is about a monkey kingdom and lost prince! It's called Spark: A Space Tail. Lots of monkey business in this show. The other trailers include Ferdinand (a new animated movie based on the classic kids' story), Spider-Man Homecoming, It (very scary remake), War for the Planet of the Apes (second trailer came out), The Mummy (a thrilling remake starring Tom Cruise), and the Game of Thrones Season 7 (the winter is here!) You can see all the same trailers we saw at We also give shoutouts to a few fellow podcasters that we love: thepodcouple's podcast, Nthcast, and more!