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Ep. #54:”Captain, my captain! What the Star Trek is going on here?!”

August 11, 2017

We got good and Morgan'd this time. Rick and Miguel are such lightweights for the record. We had a grand old time discussing the upcoming new Star Trek TV series, and a lot of other crazy stuff. Also, rumor has it that next episode, Kyle will in fact, be with us again. You heard it here. The aliens have landed.

This week's trailers:

1. Ready Player One
2. Bright (trailer 2)
3. Triple Threat
4. Star Trek Discovery (trailer 2)
5. Proud Mary
6. Rebel in the Rye
7. Tales From the Crypt
8. The Vault (starring James Franco)
9. My Friend, Dahmer
10. The Star
11. Comrade Detective
12. Surbicon Official
13. Message From the King
14. LBJ

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