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Ep. #51: “America! F*** YEAAAAAH!!! (Drink Away to Freedom Edition)”

July 14, 2017

We're back after our 4th of July break! This time we got ourselves some Virus Vodka to celebrate getting back to podcasting in our great Nation of Murica! Missed you guys *sniff*. We're glad to be back to doing what we're best at: being dumbasses for your entertainment! The image was brought to you by a post - and I'm not kidding you (link right here if you don't believe me) - a Petition to Donald Trump: Change the American National anthem into "America fuck yeah". Wow. Just wow. We're on board! 

This week's trailers:

1. Pitch Perfect 3
2. The Foreigner (feat. Jackie Chan)
3 To the Bone (feat. Keanu Reeves)
4. American Satan
5. Watching Oliver
6. Jumanji 2 (feat. The Rock, Jack Black, Kevin Hart)
7. Bad Moms Christmas
8. The Greatest Showman (feat. Hugh Jackman)
9. The Inhumans (TV show on ABC)

You can check them out yourself at