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Ep. #48: “Wonder Woman Dominated the World, We Approved From Our La-Z-Boys”

June 19, 2017

A bizzare episode. We were all in rare form. So Miguel is very racially confused... You have to listen to understand. Trust us. Even then, you will probably never understand the full extent of it. Rick got so blitzed that he can't remember anything but the boring parts of his previous weekend. Shawn binged on Netflix until he forgot how to walk and breath. Kyle nailed his soap box to the floor and his shoes to the box; there was no removing him. We had a lot of hilariously stupid moments. 

The latest trailers we saw and made fun of:

1. American Made (starring Tom Cruise)
2. Security (starring Antonio Banderas)
3. The Lime House Golem
4. Blind (starring Alec Baldwin)
5. The Hunter's Prayer
6. Beatrice at Dinner (starring Salma Hayek)

As always, you can see them all for yourself at  

Hope you enjoy all the BS!