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Ep. #47: Wonder Woman Reviews! Served up light on the spoilers…”

June 10, 2017

So the majority of us saw Wonder Woman! Except Shawn. Apparently he was too busy with Spanky and Alfalfa in their He-Man Woman Haters Club. Rick was so excited that he forgot everything else that transpired in his life aside from Gal Gadot's sweet...err watching Wonder Woman. Miguel's weekend was filled with turmoil that ended in being asked to leave the theater for inappropriately touching himself and moaning. Kyle ditched us to go "workout"...Pfshhh. Probably just didn't want to share his tacos with us.

This time we had a ton of exciting movie and video game news! And a Lootcrate to top it all off. We also had two suprise guests to join us for the Wonder Woman movie review, including Tiffany from Strength N Tranquility Podcast (who also happens to be Kyle's wife). So much going on this time, that we had to split this up into a regular length episode and a minisode (with the videogame reviews and Lootcrate) to go with it.

This week we checked out trailers for:

1. Ripped
2. Victoria And Abdul
3. Logan Lucky
4. The Mountain Between Us
5. Batman & Harley Quinn
6. Castlevania (The Animated Series)
7. The Son of Bigfoot
8. Murder on the Orient Express
9. Hickok

As always, you can click here to go to our website where we have the playlist of all the trailers we watched. Hope y'all enjoy it! Please let us know what you think :)