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Ep. #46: “Comicpalooza Summer Shorts” (feat. Trevor from GTA and more)

June 5, 2017

So this episode is coming out a little late due to production difficulties... But here is the final round of interview that we conducted at this year's Comicpalooza! This is a bit of a short episode, yet we have a couple really awesome people on here with us including: 

Ming Chen (co-host of I Sell Comics and a star in Comic Book Men)
Christina McDaniel (gorgeous model and cosplayer)
Some Fairies
Steven Ogg (voice of Trevor From GTA 5 and plays as Simon from The Walking Dead TV series)
Chris (the passionate founder of DaVinci Maker labs) 

Good times ahead as the troublesome trio stumble around over each other and into awesome interviews like they're Mr. Magoo on steroids!


Also check out some of our awesome interviewees from their social links below:

Ming Chen : @mingchen37 (Instagram & Twitter)
Christina McDaniel : @christinamcdanialofficial (Instagram) + @CMcDOfficial (Twitter) + Patreon
Steven Ogg : @ogg_steven (Instagram) + @StevenOgg (Twitter)
Chris :