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Ep. #44: “Comicpalooza Live Show & Interviewing Flash Gordon!”

May 18, 2017

Finally, our live show at Comicpalooza is produced! In this exciting episode you get to hear us running a crazy impromptu giveaway game with Miguel as the "Crazy Mexican Gameshow Host"! Shawn get's flak for choosing to cosplay as a pirate, but is vindicated by a lovely young lady saying he's the cutest of the four (nyehhhh-nyehhhh!). Miguel gets his first experiences with Red Bull and goes cuhhhhh-razy! Rick tries to keep a leash on the ensuing madness. Kyle is struck speechless by all the shenanigans.  

Also, join us as we interview  Sam Jones (THE Flash Gordan), Lawrence Gillard Jr. (Bob Stookey from The Walking Dead), and Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese Williams from The Walking Dead). We talk together about what they have going on next, what roles they enjoyed and whom they enjoyed working with.

We put all of our "thank yous" at the end of the episode, but we want to thank Virus Vodka again for the giveaway prizes; Rellik the Clown and his friends; the HCPD for keeping everyone safe; the administration of Comicpalooza that gave us the awesome opportunity to be press at their event; and all the cool people that participated in our live show! 


Music Credits: Sentient Pulse's song, Surround, was used at the "thank yous" section at the end. You can check them out at and and see their video here.