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Ep. #42: “Fate of the Furious Dominates + Kyle Suffers from Banjo Inadequacy”

May 4, 2017

Miguel is back among us! To everyone's joy - especially Kyle's (He missed slapping Miguel around when they both get excited). Kyle took Rick's place with his tired, boring week, and Rick was happy to reliquish the title. Shawn made good money over the week. So the two and a half Mexicans plot to rob the gringo blind after the podcast. There's a new banjo in town so Kyle threatens to hang up his banjo to go hunting Bigfoot in the Apalachians. 

This week's trailers are:

1. Alien Covenant Prologue Trailer
2. Kingsman 2
3. Once Upon A Time In Venice
4. Tulip Fever
5. Jamestown

As always, you can catch up on them yourself by going to

Some awesome movie and videogames news and conversation this time too! So stay tuned.