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Ep. #41: “The Last Jedi, eh? Wait… Where’s Miguel?”

April 29, 2017

Ok, so we got behind a few days in production... But that just means you got two episodes this week! The Blade Runner Retro, and now our 41st Episode!  Kyle has a new job overseeing the proper scrubbing of spacewhales as a Spacewhale Shop Foreman. Rick had a restful week despite unspeakable rituals going on next door, and Shawn got amnesia for Easter. Oh! And Miguel mysteriously didn't show up... Purportedly to take his wife to a clinic because she was ill. But who knows... Get our perspective on the latest relevant trailers (because if we're not interested, then it's not worth mentioning!) In this episode we cover:

1. The Last Jedi
2. Overdrive 
3. Hitman's Bodyguard
4. Wakefield
5. The Little Hours

You can see them for yourself at

(Credits: we include a metal riff by Artist: AKnewGod from their song, Indifferent.

Their social links are:

And you can find their full song on YouTube at )