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Ep. #40 “Thor be getting all gangsta with Tupac Hammering on My Little Ponies…”

April 13, 2017

Ladies and Gents, El Kyle ha vuelto! (That means he's back)  And he's as crazy with all the voices in his head as ever! Apparently Shawn, Miguel, and Rick were all abducted by aliens last weekend...  This episode we cover 5 trailers:

1. Paris Can Wait

2. Paradox (2017, starring Tony Jaa)

3. All Eyes On Me (a movie about the life of Tupac)

4. Thor 3: Ragnarok (the one with Led Zepplin in it!)

5. My Little Pony (yes, they are making a movie)

You can see all of them yourself at if you wanna check out what we're BSing about.

Rick also has some other movie news for y'all, keeping us all up on the buzz as always. Hope y'all enjoy! Please share with others and let us know what you think.