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Ep. #39 “It’s the year of the apes!” + Lots of Marvel & DC news

April 8, 2017

Kyle is off busting his butt! So we bust on him while he's gone... This week, Rick was schmoozing and making moves like Jagger. Shawn gets irate about a pop icon trying to hog the spotlight... Looks like Miguel's getting his wish this year with so may ape centered movies coming out. First trailer we hit is about a monkey kingdom and lost prince! It's called Spark: A Space Tail. Lots of monkey business in this show. The other trailers include Ferdinand (a new animated movie based on the classic kids' story), Spider-Man Homecoming, It (very scary remake), War for the Planet of the Apes (second trailer came out), The Mummy (a thrilling remake starring Tom Cruise), and the Game of Thrones Season 7 (the winter is here!) You can see all the same trailers we saw at We also give shoutouts to a few fellow podcasters that we love: thepodcouple's podcast, Nthcast, and more!