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C.T.P.’s Retro-Rewind: “Blade Runner”

April 25, 2017

To make up for last's week missed episode, we've decided to crack open a new Retro Rewind! For all of you that remember Blade Runner, take a stroll down memory lane with us and see what we think looking at it now by today's standards. If you've never seen it before or don't remember it very well, get ready to become acquainted with this classic movie. Directed by the legendary Ridley Scot and starring Harrison Ford, for all the impact it's had on movies, books, videogames, and everything else in the nerdiverse, this movie has had a legendary effect. But does it live up to the mythology? Is it worthy of the legend? We answer that question in this Retro Rewind episode! So buckle up for a ride into a facinating future.